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Island tingz.

Where I grew up, there were 3-4 Jamaican restaurants in my neighborhood. Oxtail was a delicacy... it was a treat. Once a month on Fridays, my father and I would frequent my favorite Jamaican spot... I ordered the same thing every time "mini Oxtail with rice & peas, cabbage, and plantains, extra oxtail gravy". Oxtails sell out quick and often times I would hear "No Oxtail today." So, I learned to make my own. 

Clean your meat with lime or lemon

Non-negotiable. This step is non-negotiable. Cleaning your meat is an important flavor and ensures all of your spices and gravy penetrate through.

Marinate your oxtails

Negotiable.  Although it is highly recommended that you marinate your meat, it is not mandatory. If you have the time, marinating your meat for a few hours, (preferably overnight) creates an incredible flavor profile. 

Low & Slow

Non-Negotiable.  Oxtails are bomb af but you can't rush the process. This is part of the reason why they cost so damn much! Start early, plan ahead, and do not rush the process!

Ingredients (Serves 4)

This recipe serves 4 (respectively) If your greedy like me, it serves 2!
PREP TIME: 30 minutes
COOK TIME: 4 hours
TOTAL HOURS: 4.5 hours

For the Oxtail Marinade
-3lbs of 1/2 inch cut oxtail
-1 TBSP of Browning
-2 TSP of Salt
-1 TBSP of granulated garlic
-1 TBSP of granulated onion
-1 TBSP of ginger paste or ginger powder
-1 TBSP of smoked paprika
-2 TBSP of fresh thyme
-1 lime

Peppers & Onions
-1/2 red pepper
-1/2 green pepper
-1/2yellow pepper
-1/2 white onion

For the Oxtail Gravy
-2 TBSP of Ketchup
-2 sprigs of Thyme
-1 bay leaf
-1 Scotch Bonnet Pepper (Use habanero if unavailable)

For the Rice
-1 TBSP of butter
-1 cup of small red kidney beans
-3 cups of long-grain rice
-2 1/2 cups of water
-1 TSP of browning
-3 all spice cloves
-3 sprigs of thyme
-1 bay leaf

For the cabbage
2 tbsp of butter
1 whole green cabbage head
1 large carrot
1/2 red pepper
1 TBSP of granulated garlic
-1 TSP of soy sauce
-1 TSP of ginger

For the plantains
-2 ripe (BLACK) yellow plantains
-1 TBSP of canola oil


Step 1. Clean your meat thoroughly with lime. Make sure your oxtails are clean before you begin to marinate. 

Step 2. Marinate your oxtail using all of your ingredients above. It doesn't matter the order. Make sure they are throughly coated. After you have marinated your oxtail, let them sit in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours or preferably overnight. 

Step 3. The first step is to brown your oxtails to get a great sear and a perfect color. Start by laying your oxtails in a dutch oven, or large nonstick pan. Sear your oxtails for 3-4 minutes on each side or until brown. Remove and set aside.

Step 4. In the same pan that you seared your oxtails, add your finely chopped peppers and onions and sautéed until golden brown

Step 5. After your peppers and onions are sautéed, add your oxtails back into the pan. Add (3-4 cups of water) or enough water for oxtails to be fully saturated. Add 3 sprigs of thyme, 1 bay leaf, 2 tablespoons of ketchup, and 1 scotch bonnet pepper. Mix, turn heat on low, and cover.
NOTE: If you want your oxtails medium spicy, add the scotch bonnet directly on TOP. DO NOT MIX IT WITHIN THE GRAVY OR IT WILL BE VERY SPICY.

Step 6. Check your oxtails every 30 minutes, and mix. As water evaporates, add 1/4 cup of water in increments. After the 2nd hour, do no add any more liquid. Your gravy should be nice and thick, and your oxtails should cook within them.

Step 7. Check the tenderness of your Oxtail at hour (3) if they are soft, remove from heat. If they need more time, continue to cook. Garnish with green onion.

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Step 1. Add beans, water, thyme, all spice, salt, and browning to medium size pot. Bring to rapid boil

Step 2. Add 3 cups of rice, mix until beans are fully inorporated into rice.

Step 3. Continue to cook for 5 minutes on MEDIUM heat. Watch the water, your water should be almost fully evaporated into your rice with a small layer of water on the sides. Add more if needed. 

Step 4. Cook for twenty minutes. Remove from heat.


Step 1. Cut cabbage, peppers and red pepper, thinley.

Step 2. Heat pan to medium and add your butter

Step 3.Add your cabbage mix into the pan

Step 4. Season your cabbage with cabbage seasonings listed above

Step 5. Mix every few minutes and cook for 12-15 minutes.

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